General Spa Information



Contact us today to book your next spa treatment. To best accommodate your preferences, advanced reservations are recommended. To book your appointment, you may call our spa coordinators. If booking online through Infinity Bay you may add your treatments directly.


Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to explore the spa and relax in our lounge area. Upon your arrival, we will explain your selected experience and create your personalized session with aromatherapy and any other requests. The therapist will exit the room to allow you to undress to your comfort level, a robe will be provided for you. We adhere to proper draping techniques and can answer any questions you may have.

Communicating with your therapist is key to the best experience. If you prefer anything during your treatment, such as pressure, the music, room temperature, or lighting, please let us know. We want to create the perfect experience and a unique treatment solely for you. It’s your choice if you’d like to talk during the treatment or remain quiet—whichever suits your mood.


In consideration of other guests smoking and active mobile phones are not permitted in the spa. Tranquility is a sanctuary of peace and harmony, please be aware of the volume of your voice.


Kindly alert us to any medical conditions or product sensitivities at the time of your booking,


Space is provided for your personal belongings. Please leave your valuables at home or in your room. The spa is not responsible for lost or forgotten valuables.


Relax in our lounge area with herbal teas, & vegetable aquas.


We respectfully adhere to a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Gratuities are always left to the discretion of our guests. It is customary to provide 15% to 20% gratuity for spa services.


Gift certificates are available for purchase and may be used for all services and retail items.